New NWAR on Wednesday!

2015-07-12 21:15:41 by danmarkowitz

Black-and-White is the New Black when Nwar returns on Wednesday!


Film Nwar cartoon


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2015-07-13 01:44:15

Digging this kind of style. It's my kind of hand bag,

danmarkowitz responds:

Gotta hand it to you, thanks a lot!


2015-07-13 08:47:31

Oh my. Those familiar faces. Even the matchmaker is back. Looking forward to it.


2015-07-13 12:58:57

Yes, this will be amazingly punny.


2015-07-13 15:49:51

NWAR is one of my favorite series on Newgrounds, i'm looking forward to seeing what the next episode will have in store

danmarkowitz responds:

Thanks a lot, hope you enjoyed it!


2015-07-14 23:07:07

Yupp. I was certainly not disappointed. This, imo, is one of the best ones yet ;)
Great job :D

danmarkowitz responds:

Thanks again! This is one of my favorite episodes so far.