NWAR season 3 next month!

2016-01-10 15:41:51 by danmarkowitz

Nwar returns next month with new friends, new enemies, new acquaintances that you feel comfortable making small talk with for a few minutes but you wouldn't want to have dinner with them or anything like that, new mysteries, new conspiracies, and a new tagline!

In the meantime, stay tuned on the YouTube channel for one more bonus episode before the season premiere. Thanks for watching!

Nwar season 3






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2016-01-10 16:25:59



2016-01-10 19:10:39

Woo! Can't wait :)


2016-01-11 02:08:30

Nice. Love the series. I have been looking foward to this since the end of last season. It was so good.


2016-01-11 21:48:51

The excitement rises from the grave! beware! it's target is your animation!


2016-01-12 02:04:47

Waiting for it, thank you.