NWAR sneak peek!

2016-07-25 00:05:54 by danmarkowitz

The next episode of NWAR isn't out for a few more weeks, but here's a sneek peak at some Photoshop-in-progress!

Is this a long-awaited flashback episode? Or did Nwar dye his hair, become a police officer again, and also Bruce Bannon grew back his missing hands? You be the judge!



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2016-07-27 04:13:07

I can't wait! This is easily the best series to have graced NG in a long, long time.


2016-08-13 22:06:08

I was scared to see no new chapeter was coming. I hope to see this one soon.


2016-08-21 16:17:55

Bruce Bannon is a loose cannon.