Entry #29

A brand new episode of NWAR!

2017-03-30 00:16:44 by danmarkowitz

NWAR returns with a bonus episode today!

Nwar - Carte Blanche

Thanks to everybody who’s supported the series for the past 3 (!) years. Detective Nwar’s main adventure ended with Voice Over, so the show is going on hiatus and won’t be releasing new episodes every month for now. But bonus episodes will pop up every once in a while, because there are still a lot of stories to tell and puns to write. And although Nwar claims to be retired, you never know when a detective might get pulled back in for one last job…


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2017-03-30 11:12:40

Sad to see it go, but I'm sure the new protag will give some interesting stories.
Good luck on new ventures!


2017-03-31 03:30:21

A detectives work is never done ;) I'm sure that at some point Nwar will return in a new series... some dasy. But I bet these "bonus" episodes will be good too, the first one here is so why shouldn't the others be too? ;D