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NWAR returns with a bonus episode today!

Nwar - Carte Blanche

Thanks to everybody who’s supported the series for the past 3 (!) years. Detective Nwar’s main adventure ended with Voice Over, so the show is going on hiatus and won’t be releasing new episodes every month for now. But bonus episodes will pop up every once in a while, because there are still a lot of stories to tell and puns to write. And although Nwar claims to be retired, you never know when a detective might get pulled back in for one last job…

NWAR season finale!

2016-10-16 14:03:04 by danmarkowitz

The NWAR season finale is coming out this week!

After this, the show is going on a hiatus from monthly episodes -- stay tuned on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter so you don't miss Detective Nwar's next adventure, and for bonus mini episodes along the way!

Film Nwar

New NWAR this week!

2016-09-12 00:14:05 by danmarkowitz

There's a brand new episode of NWAR coming this week, so I hope you don't get too tied up with other work!


NWAR sneak peek!

2016-07-25 00:05:54 by danmarkowitz

The next episode of NWAR isn't out for a few more weeks, but here's a sneek peak at some Photoshop-in-progress!

Is this a long-awaited flashback episode? Or did Nwar dye his hair, become a police officer again, and also Bruce Bannon grew back his missing hands? You be the judge!


New NWAR this Wednesday!

2016-06-13 13:58:36 by danmarkowitz

Stay tuned later this week, as Detective Nwar battles a time-traveling robot!

(in that it travels forward, in real-time, just like you)

Detective Nwar vs. Hyper-Intelligent AI

New NWAR this Friday!

2016-05-08 21:37:29 by danmarkowitz

Do you have the guts to open up a new episode of NWAR later this week?

Film Nwar Noir Mysteries

New NWAR this Thursday!

2016-04-10 22:11:20 by danmarkowitz

Don't tell anyone, but there's a TOP SECRET new episode of Nwar coming out later this week!

Detective Nwar noir cartoon mystery

New NWAR this week!

2016-03-07 22:17:31 by danmarkowitz

There's a brand new episode of Nwar coming out later this week! Get the picture?

Detective Nwar

New NWAR! (Plus a recap!)

2016-02-10 21:27:56 by danmarkowitz

Nwar is back tomorrow with a brand new season of mysteries!

Are you confused about the story so far? Forgot some favorite jokes? Have five-and-a-half minutes of free time and not sure how to fill it? You're in luck! There's a recap of the first two seasons on the Nwar YouTube channel:


NWAR season 3 next month!

2016-01-10 15:41:51 by danmarkowitz

Nwar returns next month with new friends, new enemies, new acquaintances that you feel comfortable making small talk with for a few minutes but you wouldn't want to have dinner with them or anything like that, new mysteries, new conspiracies, and a new tagline!

In the meantime, stay tuned on the YouTube channel for one more bonus episode before the season premiere. Thanks for watching!

Nwar season 3